Squid Ink

Coding & Marking Solutions

Squid Ink is a manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, providing superior quality inks and low maintenance printing equipment. Squid Ink’s products include a complete line of hi-resolution printing systems, large character dot matrix printing systems, thermal transfer overprint coders, and a full library of inks and ribbons developed to meet the demands of real world coding and marking applications.


Squid Ink Hi-Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printers

Hi-Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printers – Squid Ink hi-resolution printers and inks are designed to print the highest quality bar codes, batch numbers, date codes, logos and large or small character text, directly onto corrugated cases, plastics, metals, film, glass, wood and other substrates. Squid Ink printing systems are used in industries including food and beverage, building products, medical and pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and other manufactured products.

The Viper Thermal Inkjet Printer

The Viper Thermal Inkjet Printer – Squid Ink’s Viper™ thermal inkjet printer utilizes revolutionary Funai® technology to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on porous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 0.5” (12.7mm) of print height per printhead, the Viper offers a versatile, yet cost-effective solution for your coding and marking applications.


The Squid Ink Streamline 5 CIJ continuous inkjet printer small character coding and marking on a bottle

CIJ Small Character Coders – Squid Ink’s Streamline 5 CIJ printing system is designed to print superior quality small characters on a variety of substrates: porous, non-porous, smooth, textured, curved, concave and more. Printing up to 5 lines of text, the Streamline offers a reliable, yet cost effective solution for virtually any small character, primary package coding application.

he Squid Ink SQ-Laser SQ-10 SQ-30 laser coding on box

Laser Coders – Squid Ink’s SQ-10 and SQ-30 laser coding systems are designed for high speed food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other primary coding applications. Squid Ink lasers can permanently mark onto paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, coated metal, leather, and more. Users select between a 10W (SQ-10) and 30W system (SQ-30) depending on their specific application requirements.


Squid Ink UV LED ink curing system curing ink on metal

UV LED Ink Curing Systems – The Squid UV LED Curing System from Squid Ink offers accurate and consistent UV curing across a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need to cure ink on metal, glass, automotive products, plastics, electronics and more, you’re sure to find the right solution with Squid Ink’s new UV Curing System.

Squid Ink Scorpion DOD large character printer coding and marking on a corrugated cardboard box

DOD Large Character Industrial Inkjet Printers – Squid Ink’s line of dot matrix industrial inkjet printers are ideal for printing large character date codes, lot codes, user-definable time and date and more. Our DOD printers offer more options for making your mark; water-based systems for printing on porous surfaces like corrugated cases, or solvent-based systems for printing on non-porous products like plastics, metals or more.


Squid Ink Orion coding and marking software

Coding & Marking Software – Squid Ink’s coding and marking software make programming and saving messages a breeze. The Orion Graphical Package allows the user to easily connect to Squid Ink Manufacturing’s Jetline and CoPilot printers. The software enables the ability to create industrial inkjet message files using a powerful graphical user interface.

Squid Ink industrial inkjet inks and replacement fluids

Inkjet Inks & Replacement Fluids – Squid Ink offers a complete line of replacement drop-on-demand (DOD) inks, Hi-Res inks, and continuous ink jet (CIJ) make-up fluids. When it comes to ink jet printing, you can rely on Squid Ink to offer a better solution–the right solution–with our complete line of replacement coding and marking fluids.